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ESS Maritime Security Services In West Africa

Providing maritime security services in West Africa is complex, and is licensed explicitly by many of the member states. ESS Maritime have an interest in Mainbridge Offshore, a Nigerian company who hold a Nigerian Navy MOU permitting them to protect vessels in and around Nigerian waters against piracy. They also have the necessary licenses and approvals from NiMASA and the NSA. It is essential that when securing your vessel in Nigerian waters you use a licensed, approved and insured security company to provide security services; failure to do so could result in YOUR vessel being impounded by NiMASA resulting in significant financial and operational loss for your business

ESS Maritime provide Security Consultants who reduce the risks by:

  • Timely Preparation: good intelligence, vessel hardening, visual deterrence and situational awareness training.
  • Early Detection: enhanced vigilance watch & positive identification of hostile intent.
  • Deterrence: maritime liaison officers, privately contracted (armed) security personnel & escort vehicles.
  • Professional Support: comprehensive and enhanced shore-site support by ESS Maritime Risk, Operational, Crisis & Communication Departments

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