Maritime Security services

ESS Maritime

ESS Maritime is a leading provider of maritime security services in challenging environments.

ESS Maritime delivers tailor-made maritime security services and expert advice to a range of clients in the offshore and superyacht industry. The core business is to deliver peace of mind to our clients and their crew by offering a high quality of security services in a discrete manner, against fair and competetive prices. The company is known for its in-depth maritime experience and knowledge while providing maritime risk solutions since 2009.




State of the art maritime security equipment

ESS Maritime operates using the highest quality of operators, rigourous training standards and state of the art maritime security equipment. Furthermore, ESS Maritime adheres to the highest (inter)national legal, regulatory and industry requirements. This compliance is confirmed by the ISO28007:2015 certification by Llyoyds Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) UK. ESS Maritime is essential to ensure safe passage through high risk areas for its clients. 


Regulation is paramount in all operational areas and maritime security services of ESS Maritime. National and international law provide robust framework for ESS Maritime to operate


ESS Maritime values a high level of transparency throughout all its lines of business. ESS Maritime believes that transparency enables a trustworthy and long-term relationship…


ESS Maritime strives to constantly improve its maritime security services and internal processes in order to keep protecting the interest of its clients to the furthest extent…


The people in the field are considered by ESS Maritime as one of its most important sources of information. Hence ESS Maritime ensures that all internal policies, guidelines…