risk assessment, awareness and piracy drills


Worldwide risk assessments, awareness and piracy drills

In today’s world, piracy is a still a worldwide concern for the maritime industry. In order to ensure safe operations and protect the crew, vessels, and cargo, it is essential for companies to conduct regular risk assessments, raise awareness among their crew, and conduct piracy drills. When the vessel is waiting in the Port or in a waiting area, our training managers can provide the desired training. This can be done on any location worldwide.

At ESS Maritime, we understand the importance of these measures and offer comprehensive solutions.

Why is risk assessment necessary for maritime operations?

Risk assessment is necessary for maritime operations because it allows shipping companies to identify potential hazards and take measures to mitigate them. In the context of piracy, risk assessment helps companies understand the level of risk and take appropriate measures to prevent pirate attacks.

How can companies raise awareness among their crew about piracy and other threats?

Companies can raise awareness among their crew about piracy by conducting regular training sessions, sharing information about the latest piracy trends and incidents, and encouraging the crew to report any suspicious activity. At ESS Maritime, we offer customized training programs that are tailored to our clients’ needs and operations.

What are piracy drills and why are they important?

Piracy drills are simulated exercises that are conducted to prepare the crew for a pirate attack.

These drills help the crew understand their roles and responsibilities during an attack and ensure that they are prepared to respond quickly and effectively. Piracy drills are important because they can help save lives and minimize damage to the vessel and cargo.


At ESS Maritime, we offer a comprehensive range of services worldwide to help our clients assess and mitigate risks, raise awareness among their crew, and conduct piracy drills.

Our team of experts has years of experience in the maritime industry and can provide tailored solutions that meet your specific needs.

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