anti-piracy awareness training


Anti-piracy awareness training ensures a good preparation

Do you want the Master and crew to make the crossings in high-risk areas safely and securely?

ESS Maritime offers tailor-made Anti-Piracy awareness training for this purpose.

We offer you the possibility to provide your staff with anti-piracy training even on board the vessel.

Master and crew will therefore feel safer passing the High Risk areas and will be effectively prepared for the journey.


Contents of this Anti-Piracy training

During the training, the captain and his crew will be optimally prepared for crossing a high-risk area.

The security consultant does this by giving an Awareness training, practicing 2 drills and advising on the correct application of the ‘hardening’ according to the latest BMP5 model.

goals of this awareness training

  • Be Prepared: be well prepared for sailing through high-risk areas.
  • Knowledge: being aware of the latest information regarding piracy threats in the area to be navigated.
  • Drills: set up and carry out 2 security drills.
  • BPM5: advise on correct application of ‘hardening’ of a vessel
  • Division of roles: what is the correct division of roles between the Master, crew and security guards during an attack.
  • Saferoom: how to install a safe room and provide it with the correct content.
  • Observation: the importance of good observation
  • Recognition: recognize the difference between fishermen and pirates/hijackers

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