Company Profile

ESS MAritime

ESS Maritime is a leading Private Maritime Security Company (PMSC).

ESS Maritime delivers tailor-made maritime security services and expert advice to a range of clients in the shipping industry. The core business of ESS Maritime as a private maritime security company, is to deliver peace of mind to its clients and their crew by offering a high quality of maritime security services in a discrete manner. The Company is known for its in-depth maritime experience and knowledge while providing risk solutions.

ESS Maritime can do so due to the high quality of its operators, rigorous training standards and state of the art maritime security equipment. Furthermore, ESS Maritime adheres to the highest (inter)national legal, regulatory and industry requirements.

ESS Maritime is essential to ensure safe passage through High Risk Areas for its clients. The client is the main priority in every service provided. The aim of ESS Maritime as a private maritime security company is to offer more than just a fair price and high quality service; ESS Maritime has at heart to build a solid personal relationship with its client.

Due to the close and personal cooperation with its clients, ESS Maritime can align perfectly with the needs of the customer and create a partnership which is build on the following principles:

• Customer focused
• Flexibility
• Reliability
• Knowledge sharing