After being the first Dutch Private Maritime Security Company (PMSC) to be certified against the ISO/PAS 28007 in February 2014, the company has successfully maintained the certification in 2015. While the shipping industry is still recovering from setbacks resulting from the difficult economic climate, thereby also affecting inherently the maritime security industry, ESS Maritime has achieved its goal of preserving the quality of the services as promised and so provided to all clients.

Regularly audited by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) London, ESS Maritime has proven to be continuous and steady in upholding its risk management system and operate fully in accordance with the standard as set by the international stakeholders within the industry. ESS Maritime remains the only Dutch PMSC to be certified against the standard and is therewith the only Dutch PMSC with a (regularly) verified risk and quality management system. Further the certification also ensures the clients and industry that ESS Maritime is operating within a checked legal framework and operates according to all the requirements as applicable within its operational field. The certification ensures ship owners, ship operators, charterers, agents, Masters and last but not least all seafarers, that ESS Maritime provides the best protection to be found within the Netherlands to any crew bound to sail through the High Risk Area.

ESS Maritime has set out in the past four years to improve the private maritime security industry by contributing to a transparent industry with a clearly regulated and checked operational environment; to make maritime security accessible and comfortable for each and every ship owner having a vessel and crew sailing through the High Risk Area. Not an easy task, given that the maritime security market is flooded with bona fide companies not complying with any rule of safety, increasing risks of all involved and providing a false sense of security. However, by first contributing to the development of the ISO/PAS 28007 and subsequently obtaining and maintaining the certification against the standard, ESS Maritime has set itself apart within the industry with a demonstrated and internationally recognised safest system of operations.

ESS Maritime thus remains a frontrunner within the maritime security industry and demonstrates that quality of intrinsically safe operations are sustainable, even in difficult economic times, and can be offered at a market conform price.