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Hostile Environment Awareness Training: Prepare for the Unexpected

Are you looking for a comprehensive training that will prepare you for the unexpected and hostile situations that may arise in today’s uncertain world? Look no further, we can provide HEAT (Hostile Environment Awareness Training)!

HEAT is a cutting-edge training designed to provide you with the skills, knowledge, and confidence you need to navigate dangerous and unpredictable environments. Our team of experienced instructors, who come from a variety of military and law enforcement backgrounds, will guide you through a range of scenarios and exercises, helping you to develop the skills you need to stay safe and respond effectively in challenging situations.

Who is the HEAT training for?

HEAT training is designed for individuals and organizations that operate in high-risk or hostile environments such as:

  1. Journalists and media personnel
  2. Aid workers and humanitarian personnel
  3. Corporate employees
  4. Government employees
  5. Non-governmental organization (NGO) staff
  6. Security personnel



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What subjects are covered in the HEAT training?

The HEAT training covers a range of subjects, including situational awareness, risk management, personal security, first aid, and basic survival skills.

Participants learn how to assess risks, respond to potential threats, and handle emergency situations in a hostile or unfamiliar environment.

You will also learn how to manage stress, maintain your physical and mental wellbeing, and communicate effectively with others in high-pressure situations.

We use a combination of classroom instruction, practical exercises, and simulations to ensure that you are fully prepared for whatever challenges you may face.

Course Topics

  1. Advanced weapon skills (Handgun & Carbine)
  2. Convoy – Arrivals / Departures
  3. Land warfare: force-on-force attack drills
  4. Convoy and Motorcade procedures
  5. Route selection and attack recognition
  6. High risk urban movement 
  7. High risk foot formations
  8. High risk advanced work
  9. Advanced first medical aid
  10. Abduction & hostage situation survival
  11. Active shooter situation survival
  12. Dealing with a hostile crowd
  13. Tactical use of armored vehicle
  14. Counter- intelligence essentials
  15. Preserving psychological well being

What can you expect from the HEAT training?

The Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) is not a military training but a programme that involves physical activity. 

Participants are required to demonstrate physical and psychological fitness commonly expected from personnel deployed to hostile areas. 

The exercises can be stressful, and psychological assistance is provided if needed. 

The training covers various topics, including adjusting protection tactics to the threat and environment, advanced shooting, and paramedics. 

Instructors create the most realistic scenarios to train participants effectively. Overall, HEAT training prepares individuals who work in high-stress environments to deal with potential challenges they may encounter in hostile or dangerous situations.

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